Thursday, March 19, 2009

Emily Is Sewing

Thursday, March 19, 2009
My daughter Emily called me this morning and she was so excited because she is almost done with her first draping project at EMU. I remember the day she called and asked me if she should take that class and I said yes I figured since she has been a stage manager for a few plays at Emu and also at East Detroit High School that maybe that class could come in handy for maybe working on costumes. Emily has been doing stage crew I want to say since she was in the 9th grade, building sets and painting sets, doing lighting and all kinds of things behind the stage and she is very good at it. In her draping class the project was to make a top that draped something like from the 20's and when she was home on spring break we when and got the fabric and I have to tell you that I picked out the ribbon and she picked out the button's and this is what is done on it so far .

How CUTE is that!!! I just love it!!! And she didn't use a pattern she had to drape everything how cool is that. Emily you did a Wonderful job on it and your dad said it is very pretty and when you come home for the summer your making me one and wait till your sister sees this she's gonna want one too.
Have a Wonderful Day.

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