Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Clean Out 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008
Well it finally hit me after being up in my attic that I just have way to much Christmas stuff. I've been doing the day after Christmas shopping for at least 30 years now. It all started when I was dating my husband and every year my MIL and I would go shopping the day after Christmas and every year I would pick a new theme for our tree for the next year and that is why I just have way to much stuff. So for the last few years I've been putting bin's of Christmas things that I knew I would never use anymore to the back of the attic knowing that one day my girls would have at least something to decorate their homes at Christmas time. And this is the year that I decided it's time to have them look at everything I had put away. I know I had at least 13 bins and god only knows how many boxes and bags of Christmas decorations and ornaments and animated Snowmen and Santa's I had. So Emily and Haley and I took one load of Christmas decorations down from the attic and I had them look to see what they might want because everything else I'm donating to the Salvation Army. Here are just a few pictures of the first load we brought down from the attic.

We took two more trips up there and my husband made a trip up there and now I only have 26 bins of Christmas decorations and the girls each have 3 bins. I'm still missing a couple of cookie jars and a Precious Moments lighted Christmas tree my husband gave me years ago.
Isn't she pretty? When I put all my Christmas stuff away I'll have to look for her again. You know I feel so much better knowing that my ceiling isn't gonna cave in with all the Christmas stuff I had.
Soon I'll be taking picture's of all my Christmas decorations I still have three more trees to decorate. Have a wonderful day!!!! Oh I forgot these pictures are of everything I have reboxed and taged and it only took me a couple of days.

Again Have A Wonderful Day!!!!!

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