Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Decorating

Thursday, October 16, 2008
You know I use to love to decorate for Halloween. I would decorate the girls room the living room the kitchen even my bathroom and now I don't want to decorate at all. Well I guess I shouldn't say not at all, I like to decorate for the Holidays but with not so much stuff. I pulled some stuff out of the attic last night to start decorating for Halloween and seeing all my stuff was just a little to much for me. I have so much stuff for all the Holidays its not even funny. Last night I only brought down 1 bin and a big bag of things and it just looks like junk. Maybe it's my old age talking (I'm only 45) but I come to realize that my kids are old enough and that they really don't like Halloween so I don't need to have all my stuff out which is a good thing for me. I' ll show you the few things that I have made through the years.

Isn't he cute!!!

This is a pumpkin topiary it didn't turn out that great.

This ghost is so old I should just throw him out and make another one.

And this is one of those good crafts gone bad!!! I should have just put the candy corn I made in a bowl instead of hanging it on this tree how stupid does this look. Back to the bowl you go!!!
And I can't believe that I'm even showing you all this, but I've seen in the stores all these pictures frames with Holidays things in them using the blanket stitch so I thought I could do that so my girlfriend Anna told me that they have how to do the stitches on youtube. And as you can tell my stitches suck!!! and then to top that off my MIL found me this plastic frame that I just painted, and you can see that it doesn't fit. So this is another craft that went bad!!!! Hopefully I will have better luck with my stitches and I can make something for Thanksgiving!!!

Well I guess thats enough of the craft gone wrong things (hahaha).

And here are my girls when they were little in there Halloween outfits.

Have a wonderful day.

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