Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Dress Form

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
I'm so happy!!!! I just love dress forms don't you? (my twin sister would say that I'm crazy ). I really like them, I guess it's because they are so girly. I've always wanted one, and my husband found me my first one Izabella. I planned on using Izabella for making me some jackets and tops but since I found a wedding dress for her I don't think I'll be sewing any clothes for me any time soon (hahaha). Here is my new dress form. I love the way she looks, old (but charming) I bought her from Marshall's Home Good store and they have about five or six different styles. She is two feet tall and 11 inches wide and the price I paid for her ($16.99) I didn't think that was a bad price for something so Beautiful!!!! I put a battery operated light in her and at night she just lights up my little table. I do need to paint the candle stick to match her. I can't wait to go back to Marshall's because they have a least 3 more forms that I would like to get. With this form I now have four forms and now my collection is growing (GO ME). Now of course I need to name her and it can't be a fancy name because shes not fancy and it can't be a name that sounds to old for her because she's young. So here we go.... Drum roll please... I would like to introduce you to...


Isn't she just wonderful, doesn't her name just fit her? I just love the style of her dress and her bow is just to cute!!! I'm thinking of dressing her up for Halloween what do you think? Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my new form. Have a wonderful day!!!


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