Thursday, August 7, 2008

Went To Visit Anna Today

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Well we finally made it to Anna's today, my sister Karen and I and Haley. It's been awhile since we had a visit because Anna's not been feeling well and with so many Dr's appointments between the 3 of us it was hard to plan anything sooner. Well Haley and Felicia , Anna's daughter had a good time in the pool and the 3 of us went to the neighbor's garage sale, and of course I found some great things. Anna did put a couple of her things in the sale and as always I buy her things (she has such great taste and style). I spent a whole $16.00 and this is all the stuff I came home with.

This bread box was Anna's and my husband has been wanting one of these, I really like the rooster but I'm gonna paint it cottage white of course.
And I bought this little bird house, how cute is this?

This tree was also Anna's I love the little tin stars on it.

I bought this magnetic tin holder for pins (or whatever I want to put in them) And these 2 big fabric covered boxes, I'm really not a blue person but I really like that box.

I also bought this big bag of scrap fabric . One of the ladies there makes quilts and you can see her beautiful work here she made Anna that quilt what a special neighbor and friend. There are a lot of great fabric scraps in here and I can't wait to get started on a new project.
and I bought a few things for my sister but I don't have them here to take any pictures and I also bought the clear sleeve holders to put some of my patterns in and a little pair of scissors that are great for trimming threads. And if you have time please stop by Anna's

blog ( I finally talked her into have one) just to say hi or comment on one of her pictures, I know that would make her feel better. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful night.


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