Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Things From My MIL

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
You know I can tell my MIL that I'm looking for something and the next time that I see her, she has one for me. We go to the thrift stores together church sales, estate sales we love to go junk in' and awhile ago she went to a couple of sales with her friend Joyce and this is what she found for me.

I love this basket that she found for me and she even found me two tables.

This one is for the deck but I have to paint it first.

This one I wanted to put in my living room but Haley needed a little table in her room.
and she found this nice sewing book can't wait to make the Rosettes.

And then she gave me this bench that she has had for at least 30 years. I told her yesterday that I have always wanted that bench and she's like your kidding, she would have given it to me sooner if she had known that.

I can't wait to paint it, what color (cottage white of course)hahaha.
Haley and I spent the whole day and half of the evening with Grandma yesterday and this is what she had for me.

a little metal purse, isn't it just too cute!!! I love it!!! (she knows me so well) I can't wait to add ribbons and maybe some rhinestones. It needs something special don't you think? And before we left she gave me all her cake decorating supplies because she doesn't want to do that anymore, I remember her taking those cake decorating classes in 1983 (boy that makes me feel old 1983). I'm telling you I never leave that house empty handed every time I go there she always has something for me. I'm always bringing home a bag of this and a bag of that. Grandma's house was full to the rafters now its my house that is getting full. Grandma's rule is, that if she gives you something she never wants it back and if she gives you something you don't like then get rid of it(she cracks me up). Here are all the cake decorating supplies that she gave me. Look at all that fun stuff. Me and the girls are gonna be making a lot of cakes( and probably adding on a few pounds too) What a MIL always giving or finding me that one little special thing. What a wonderful lady.
Have a great evening.

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