Saturday, June 7, 2008

Body Scan

Saturday, June 7, 2008
Well yesterday my sister took me to get my body scan done and I just want to say if it wasn't for my sister, Karen I don't know what I would have done this whole week. Karen took me to every appointment I had. Let me tell you a little about my twin Sister. We were born 21 minutes apart and we look nothing alike. She has Blond hair and I have brown hair. Karen is right handed and I'm a lefty. We both have blue eyes and all of our lives we have even weighted the same.( and no, we don't dress alike.) I'm the crafty one and she'd rather not be. Karen has always been the strong one and she speaks her mind, me I keep alot of things to myself. Let me tell you Karen is my best friend every!!! Karen has always been there for me and I've always been there for her, I don't know to many sister's like us and we've been this way our whole lives. When we were younger we would have our arguments and 10 minutes later we were best friends. She calls me everyday and we do everything together, grocery shopping, haircuts, Dr appointments, we even had our first babies 4 days apart (we didn't plan it that way she was trying to become pregnant and me, it just happen.) She has 2 boys and I have 2 girls. We are always, always together. When we were younger and at this party she asked this guy to ask me to dance and now we have been married for 21 years. We tell each other everything!!! Karen is such a giving and caring person and I don't know what I would do without her. I'm so glad she was with me when I got the news yesterday of my body scan, I had to deliver my scan to my doctors office so of course I had to open it (me being a doctor... not)
and all I seen was white all over this scan and I got very scared. Not Karen she was the strong one she's like don't worry you don't even know what your looking for or what it's suppose to look like (my rock!!!) And she was right the cancer didn't come back I'm clean !!!! The white stuff was all the Radioactive Iodine I had taken, that didn't even cross my mind when I seen all that white stuff on my scan to me I thought is was cancer spreading. How stupid did I feel. Six years clean now what a relief!!! Well I want to leave you with some pictures of me and my best friend.

Karen Kathy

Karen Me

Karen Kathy
Our first day of school

Me Karen

Karen Kathy

I know this is not our best picture ever and we are both making a weird face, but its the most recent one I have and if Karen see's this picture she's not gonna be to happy hahahah. See I told you we don't look nothing alike.

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Joanna said...

how sweet about you & your sister! I am glad to hear that your scan went well. I have fraternal twins, 1 girl, 1 boy. I hope they remain as close & you & your sister. (although it may be a little different with the opposite sex. I'd have to ask Tina of Cherry Hill Cottage. She has a twin brother). xoxo, Joanna

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