Saturday, April 19, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday
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Well I'm getting ready for tomorrow because it's Show and Tell Sunday and it's a group that I joined last week but this is my first time that I have something to show and to tell about. So here it goes.
This beautiful necklace belong to my Grandmother Georgia Mae and my mother was left with her jewelry and she let all us girls pick what we wanted and I wanted this piece . I really don't think this was my Grandmothers style she was the type of lady who went to church all the time and we couldn't even play cards on her front porch because she said that was the devils work so I really can't see her wearing this. (unless she had a secret side that we don't know
about). I did replace 2 of the red stones because I lost them some how and I think they did a great job matching the stones. I have worn this necklace and alot of my friends love it and one of my daugther's friends wore it to prom or homecoming I can't remember.
And this will be Something Worth Leaving Behind.

I do have another piece that was my Grandmothers and it's this pin I also had some stones replaced in it. I picked this pin because of the color of the big stones. I have not worn this yet but one year I did a Christmas tree with all my jewelry on it and it looked very pretty.

I also love Rhinestones and I 've had these for years but I'm sure there not vintage but I do love them.

I also have a love for Pearls these came from church sales and garage sales and some that my mother in law knew I would love to have.

The Little Girl pin and the Flower pin my mother gave me and I just keep them in my jewelry box and one day they will be lefted for my girls.

Thanks for letting me share all my BLING!!!!

Show And Tell Sunday

I would like to Thank the ladies who started this wonderful group
Little Pink Studio & Leesiebella for brining us all together to share our wonderful collections. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! and Thank You to for hosting this week.
Looking forward to next Sunday Show and Tell!!!!

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bluemuf said...

You have a lovely collection, some that have very special memories. Thank you for sharing.


Alisa said...

it's great that you have so many pieces passed down from family. thanks for sharing.

cherished*vintage said...

You have a wonderful collection! My Grandma shared the same view as your Grandma regarding playing cards. I never could figure why it was ok for her to Rook parties then. Isn't that a card game? hehe

Lori said...

Kathy, your vintage jewelry pieces are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...
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