Friday, February 8, 2008

Don't Know What To Do Today

Friday, February 8, 2008
I started out cleaning and then I stopped because I had to check out some comments on my flickr account today and check out my contacts picture's so needless to say I've been playing on the computer all day. But now thats getting boring. Yesterday I spent half the day taking picture's in my craft room and of some new projects that I need to get done. So I figure if I tell you about them then maybe I'll start working on them.
Well here is a table that I got from an estate sale and I only pay $5.00 for it and all I have to do is sand it and paint it white how hard is that.

Hopefully I will start on it this weekend.

Here is another project, Here name is Izabella she needs a new coat of paint and something special to wear.

I love to redo Lampshades and I've had these for awhile I already started doing one so maybe next week I'll finish it.

This lamp I got awhile ago at the thrift store again all I need to do is sand it and paint it cottage white and then cover a lamp shade for it.

I've had this for year's and I've only recovered it once so now this needs to get done also need to paint it cottage white.

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